John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy, White House color photo portrait-1-
39th President of the United States
In office:

January 20, 1961 - January 20, 1969

Preceded by: Adlai Stevenson
Succeded by: Richard Nixon
Vice President of the United States
In office:

January 20, 1953 - January 20, 1961

Preceded by: Earl Warren
Succeded by: Hubert Humphrey
United States Senator from Massachusetts
In office:

January 3, 1947 - September 5, 1952

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown

May 29 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts

Died August 15 1972, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
Nationality: American
Political party: Democrat

Marilyn Monroe

Children: Caroline, John, Patrick
Alma mater:

Harvard College

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Roman Catholic

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an American politician who served as Vice President (1953 - 1961) and 39th President of the United States (1961 - 1969).

Seen as a charismatic politician, he is best known for his influential speeches, and for governing America during a period of economic prosperity and social reform.

Early Life

Military Service

Early Political Career


The John and Marilyn Kennedy at their wedding, 1955

1952 Presidential Election

The one term Senator from Massachusetts was certainly not a serious candidate for the Presidency in 1952, indeed, until Robert Taft became the presumptive republican nominee few Democrats actually began to consider the prospect of a Democratic President.

After Stevenson had secured the nomination

Vice Presidency

Stevenson kenneedy

1960 Presidential Election

Main Article: United States presidential election, 1960 Despite the fact that he was the incumbent Vice President, and a popular political figure, Kennedy faced opposition from other democratic candidates, Hubert Humphrey and Wayne Morse.

First term

1964 Presidential Election

Unlike 1960 Kennedy faced no opposition for the democratic nomination, and spent much of the campaign campaigning against the republican frontrunner Nelson Rockefeller.

Second Term

Post Presidency

After his presidency his addisons disease - which he had been able to disguise during his period in thei white house - grew more evident.


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