John MacLennan Buchanan (born April 22, 1931) is a retired American Nationalist politician who served as US Senator for Nova Scotia from 1989 until his 2008 resignation, and before that was the Governor of Nova Scotia from 1981 to 1989 and the Speaker of the Nova Scotia General Assembly from 1977-1981, and a member of the GA from the 14th District from 1967 until his election to the Governorship.

Buchanan was indicted on corruption and bribery charges in late 2005, though he was reelected the next year regardless. However, he was found guilty in late 2007 and as Nova Scotia state law prohibits felons from holding office, he was forced to resign in January of 2008. He was replaced first by placeholder Senator Don Cameron, Steven McNeil, who won a November 2008 special election to replace him.

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