John Adams (1735-1826) was the 2nd. Vice President and the 1st. Vice President of the United States.

Early Life & Career

Born and raised in Braintree, Massachusetts, Adams graduated from Harvard in 1755 and became a lawyer. In 1770, Adams become famous as the lawyer who successfully defended the British soldiers tried in the so called 'Boston Massacre'. Adams was elected to the Massachusetts General Court later that year and was re-elected three times in succession. Adams was a delegate to the first and second Continental Congress and served on the five-man committee charged with writing the Declaration of Independence. During the Revolution, Adams served abroad as Ambassador to France, and tht Netherlands, Adams was part of the Peace commission in 1783 that signed the Treaty of Paris ending the war. After the war, Adams became America's first Minister to Great Britain.

Vice Presidency

Adams was elected to the 1st. Vice President of the United States, serving under George Washington for two terms (winning a second term in 1791) Adams set an example of loyalty and integrety.

1st Term

When Washington decided against seeking a third term in 1794, Adams was elected defeating Thomas Jefferson.

Adams first term was largely defined by foreign affairs. The Pinckney Treaty with Spain which set the border of Georgia and Spanish Florida, was the main accomplishment of Adam's first term.

In 1797, Adams was re-elected over Jefferson a second time (but this time by only three electoral votes), Jefferson became Vice President because he received the second highest amount of electoral votes.

2nd Term

During Adams' second term, foreign affairs became paramount. The War in Europe had grown bigger and Adams was bent on keeping America neutral and this made him unpopular with the Federalists who supported declaring war on France, and the Republicans who favored war with the British. In 1799, Adams with the urging of Congress and the majority of the American people, Adams signed the Alien and Sedection Act. By 1800, the Federalists were splintering over the war. The Hamiltonian faction favored doing to war with Britain, and the Adams faction who favored neutrality. At the end of Adams term he retired to Braintree glad to give up the cares of office.

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