Johannes I, Emperor of the Danes, King of Germany and Lombardy, Lord-Protector of Rome (1007 - 1070), more commonly referred to by his Latin name of Johannes Rex (King John) or sometimes John the Great (Johann Maektigge), was the first king of the Danish-ruled Johannine Empire. This was an assortment of lands assembled under Johannes and his successors between the crowning of Johannes I as King of the Danes in 1036 at Askevik and the assassination of his great-grandson, Johannes IV, in 1140.

Johannes I is considered one of the greatest conquerors of all time, alongside Alexander, Charlemagne and Augustus Caesar - he made the Nordic culture, which had previously been limited to Scandinavia and the British Isles, a dominant one in Europe, and laid the foundation for the Nordic Schism with his personal battles with the papacy in Rome.

Johannes assimilated most of what existed of the Holy Roman Empire and established what he termed the 'Johannine Empire,' ruled from Askevik in Danmark and granting himself the title "Emperor of the Danes and King of Germany" {Danish: Kjiesaare Danske uch Kunung Tyske), the first person to do so. In this, Johannes blatantly established himself as the Christian successor to Rome and the Frankish kingdom, which he did constant war with. In 1054 the aging Emperor rode to Rome with a strong Danish and German army and defeated the Lombards in open combat, claiming the Iron Crown of Lombardy for himself. He was crowned King of the Lombards, thus absorbing that kingdom into his personal empire, and he "by the point of his sword and the flame of his torch" received the title of "Lord-Protector of Rome" from the Pope, implying that he was the Lord-Protector of the Church, which occurred concurrently with the Great Schism. Johannes I waged war against the Byzantine kingdom to forcibly reunite the Church and bring the Greek branch back under control of Rome, but his armies were defeated by an alliance of Byzantine and Croatian armies and he was forced to retreat, the only campaign in his life he was unsuccessful in.

Early life

Coronation as King of the Danes

Conquest of Germany and Svealand

Annexation of Rome and Papal Feud

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Domestic Policy

Death and Legacy

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