Johann VIII of Franconia was born in 1580 as the son of Friedrich VII of Franconia and Pomerania. His father divided his lands between his sons: Johann received Franconia, while his brother Friedrich VIII got Pomerania.

He gave his country some stability after the chaotic reign of his father.

In 1640, he joined the Baltic League that was founded by king Erik XVII of Sweden at this year.

After his death, being childless, he was succeeded by his nephew Johann IX, who was already duke of Pomerania at this time.

United Baltic Duchy flag   Member States of the Baltic League (Chaos TL)   United Baltic Duchy flag
Member States

Brandenburg-Silesia | Franconia-Pomerania | Prussia | Sweden-Norway-Mecklenburg

Prominent Rulers
(founding members in italics)

Dietrich IV | Erik XVII | Johann VIII | Kristina I | Waldemar "Cicero" V

Predecessor: Johann VIII Hohenzollern (Chaos) Successor:
Friedrich VII Johann VIII

Duke of Franconia

Johann IX

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