Oktober 2011 009

Johan Ralfsson Halvardschöld-Sjöberg, born 17 November, 1977 in Helsingfors, Helsingfors County, Sweden (Finland), is an exiled Socialist writer. He is a son of Ralf Sjöberg and Gudrun Halvardschöld (her father was ennobled 1963).

Halvardschöld-Sjöberg writes Socialist propaganda in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German and English.

Johan R. Halvardschöld-Sjöberg was arrested for spreading illegal propaganda in 2009, and when he was released in June 2010, he went into exile in Vienna, where he was writing Socialist literature that was smuggled into the Kingdom of Sweden.

By the spring of 2011, he was offered a visa to the Socialist Republic of Arkansas by professor emeritus Olof Palme, and he left Vienna for Little Rock in August 2011. He now holds a position at the university library of Little Rock, and continues to spread Socialist propaganda.

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