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Joanna Mars Astris
Born:2165, May 12th
Died:2259, May 30th
Place of birth:Subareopagus colony
Known relatives:Julianus Doudecimus Haterius(father), Elisabet Nigilia Arcleo(mother)
Legal status:*special case* Concilium Mundi Citizen of Space Station Leo Pierus
Occupation:Military diplomat for the Concilium Mundi Coalition forces

All on board were pretty sure she would not survive the return planetside as an infant - the risks taken in making the ascent into space with her had been nerve racking enough AND it was immensely lucky that improved radioactive insulation had been developed in time for the start of the whole mission.

Spending an awful lot of money (surprisingly large amounts came from all sorts of places), in late 2167(1414) one of the life-science CMAS space stations were given a rotating gravity habitation module specifically for Joanna’s development. Her mother was Elisabet Nigilia Arcleo, a manufacturing engineer from Belgica. She was severely reprimanded and was ‘forced’ to remain on the station indefinitely to care for Joanna. Joanna’s life from then on was a training session to prepare her for her return to Terra, something she was expected to accomplish no sooner than her 10th birthday. The father was found to be Julianus Doudecimus Haterius, the leader of the whole mission! HE was grounded indefinitely, though his fame waned little in the public eye. Being more of a gentleman than any would give him credit for; he kept in contact with Elisabet and Joanna.

2170(1417)Joanna’s cognomen was changed from Arcleo to Astris on her 5th birthday (6 Januarius) by her mother and the scientists on the station. Joanna was becoming a super celebrity even though few had seen photos of her and she had seen next to nobody from outside the station. She the first person born beyond Terra’s gravity well and her life became very privileged. Her eventual arrival was starting to be anticipated.

2175(1423) at 11 years old, Joanna landed at Gallia Narbonensis’ aerospace with her mother to meet a crowd of almost a thousand, calling her Astris (or Mars) Virguncula and other such honours. It was understandable some of this popularity got to her head. Her behaviour was also affected by her odd upbringing and perhaps the effects of being born under such different conditions. She was always physically uncomfortable on Terra and became a bit eccentric though still quite popular and friendly. Joanna was not able to return ‘home’ for a whole year as scientists still needed to know the longer term effects of an introduction of humidity, heat, pressure, and gravity on an extra-terra Human.

2176-2178(1424-1425) Joanna returned to her station and visited Terra for a week or two at a time every 6 months or so.

2179-2189(1426-1436) Joanna demonstrated an exceptional interest in having a military education, for which she proved in testing to have extreme potential. She could have attempted to become the chief magistrate of defence of the Empire or Concilium Mundi coalition forces, but the fame she received (and basked in) was more glamorous and would have faded away in such a demanding career path (made all the more difficult by inequality). Joanna was famous for her life, unlike the fame of actors or movie stars for being able to give the appearance of life. A lot of people frequently asked for interviews and autographs.

2184(1431) Joanna at 19 became severely sick in Maius with a dangerous though rare flu virus while visiting Tainocai province. She was transported back to her station to be in a more ‘natural’ environment. She frequently hallucinated and for a time after her recovery, the hallucinations greatly hampered her mental health. She did recover within a few months and resumed her education, still her same (slightly) eccentric self. She was an empathetic person, but not sympathetic. She helped those she saw needed help, but only if they were willing to work or fight for themselves. This she did consciously, perhaps inspired by her mother who even though was basically in prison on that station, worked hard to bring up her daughter and evidently did not show weakness at her isolation and her dishonourable discharge. Elisabet Nigilia Arcleo was able to regain most of her freedom by this time.

2189(1436) At 24 Joanna formally joined the CM coalition forces as one of the youngest generals ever. She definitely earned it. She was militant, ambitious, and competitive, but not hostile. She had been in space far more frequently than the average person, but she had given up actually living in space to further her career on the ground. Soon directing forces against the Konsi-Thang Cartel, she was deeply affected by her military defeats and the suffering of the Khmer people.

2193+(1440+) Joanna advocates the re-direction of resources to more peaceful uses, including nuclear disarmament and increased co-operation between nations-especially in this time of an emergent ice age. Joanna goes from unique celebrity to social Icon in her position, urging more democracy and freedom, not only in Rome and the CM but across the world. Her support revitalizes the Neo-Pruddai cause. Some see her as the successor to Prestilla Jin Clodia and Placidia Nipia Julilla in the quest for gender equality. In the documentaries and speeches she makes, she predicts that with the current worsening climate and the Cold war, there would soon be a major conflict between the CM and PAB for arable land to live on, resulting in a war of conquest on Africa, the Sahara would soon become lush again and the African peoples would be swept aside for Asians or Europeans, the PAB and CM would fight to the death over Africa and would bring further devastation whether nuclear arms were used or not. "In order for the bulk of Humanity to survive, the PAB and CM need to work on eliminating the animosity and mistrust between them, and pull away the hardened military positions each point at the other". Astris' position on Corporations was not entirely clear, she stated that the corporations represented as large a danger to the people of Earth as the CM and PAB do to each other, but that such aspirations and greed are part of Human nature. A peaceful solution to bring democracy to the people living in the corporate world would be needed.

2200-2220(1447-1467) From Joanna’s progressive work, some believe she may be able to help bring an end to the cold war and even slavery once and for all. There are some young senators which support her efforts. The CM was wary of her intentions to pull more power away from their government but her ethics were without flaw and she had been an icon for ten years, making any attempt (even by the Praetorius Foederii) on her image sure to backfire against the CM. The CM and PAB were both very interested in ending the Cold war by this time as the military buildups consumed a vast amount of capital for both and they would have preferred to spend most of that money on dealing with the Ice Age.

2256(1503) A dramatic movie detailing Joanna's life was made in Candaris, India (still the world's biggest movie city).

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