Joanna I of Spain
Timeline: Tudor Line

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Portrait of Joanna I of Spain

Queen of Spain
23 January 1516 - 17 October 1557

Predecessor Ferdinand II of Aragon

Herself as Queen of Castile and Léon

Successor Charles I

Queen of Castile and Léon
26 November 1504 - 23 January 1516

Predecessor Isabella I
Successor Herself as Queen of Spain
Born 6 November 1479
Toledo, Spain
Died 17 October 1557
Toledo, Spain
King Philip I
Joanna I of Castile was born on 6 November 1479 in Toledo, Spain to Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile and was a sister to Catherine of Aragon. In 1495 she was betrothed to the son of Maxmilian I, Holy Roman Emperor called Philip the Handsome. She fell in love with him and they were married in 1496. In 1504 her mother died and she inherited Castile and Philip instantly proclaimed himself Prince of Castile, in 1505 Maxmilian remarried, but made a treaty, that Joanna and Philip would inherit the title and that Philip and Maxmilian would sign every matter of state from now on. However, Philip died in 1506, before Joanna even became the Queen of Spain. That happened in 1516 when Ferdinand died. In this death the crowns of Castile, Léon and Aragon were joined and with exception of Navarre, Catalonia and Valencia she was now queen of the whole Spain. Before her husband's death they had six children: Eleanor, Charles, Isabella, Ferdinand, Mary, Catherine. She supported her son in the Protestant Wars of 1522 - 1523. Charles gave her the county of Tyrol which was given to Ferdinand. In 1530 Spain changed its capital to Madrid and decided to take a course against the Muslims, she wanted to make sure that Spain would never again become Muslim and while Europeans were annoyed with the Lutherans, she took an army, crossed the Gibraltar and crushed the Wattasid dynasty. Putting down her claim she created the Kingdom of Morocco and crowned herself in a ceremony on the most northern point of the state. Abu al-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad (ruler of Wattasids) was very angry about this. Afterwards she turned to the affairs of the state and didn't do much other important things. In 1540 Sigismund I the Old asked her daughter Catherine to marry his son Sigismund Augustus. In this marriage the web of alliances now spread all over Europe (Scotland, England, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Denmark). She died of old age in 1557 making Charles I the King of Spain and Germany, a tragic union which caused a revolution when Charles tried to join Spain into the empire.