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Jin Youzhi (born August 17, 1918), known in China as the Puren Emperor, is the thirteenth and current Qing Dynasty emperor of China, eighth in the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan to succeed to the imperial throne, and the younger brother of Pu Yi, the now-deceased Xuantong Emperor, who reigned over the Qing Empire from the age of two in 1908 until his death of a stroke at the age of 71 in October 1977. Puren ascended to the Qing throne on October 18 - the day following Pu Yi's death - at the age of 59. He has ruled over China since, and despite the cries of anti-Philippine members in the royal court and imperial Senate, Puren maintained neutrality through the final years of the Indonesian War raging far to the south, and instead focused on securing the Chinese borders with Burma, Manchuria and post-war Philippine Indochina.

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