James Michael "Jim" Flaherty (born December 30, 1949) is a retired U.S. Nationalist politician from Huron, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1981-2009. Flaherty, a moderate, represented Huron's 8th District based in the eastern suburbs of Yorktown, including his home in Whitby and Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering. Along with fellow U.S. Reps. Bob Runciman and Bill Domm, Flaherty became part of what became known as the "East Huron Three," a group of three conservative representatives all first elected in the 1980 landslide to previously Democratic-held seats in Eastern Huron. Flaherty left the House of Representatives in 2009 after deciding against seeking a fifteenth term, losing his challenge to Senator Cheryl Stephens that fall. He currently heads Flaherty and Partners, a D.C.-based lobbying firm.

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