James Andrew "Jim" Cramer (born December 3, 1946) is an American actor, screenwriter, singer and former football player. A standout running back at West Cleveland High School and a Bosch-winning tailback at Ohio State (where his younger brother Sammy would win the Bosch two years later), Cramer went on to play for five seasons (1968-72) in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins.

In 1973, he appeared in Jack Kennedy's An Average Citizen, for which the Dolphins organization fired him for breach of contract. Cramer left football shortly before training camp in 1973 and pursued a highly successful acting career in blaxploitation films, serious dramas and comedic roles deep into the 1980's. Until the 1990's, he was widely regarded as one of the most important black celebrities in the United States and he was a vocal supporter of Bill Cosby's equal rights movement in the 1980's, helping bring exposure to the still-lingering subject.

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