Israel was established by the Nazis after the political outcry from the national community after the realization
Jewish Republic of Israel
הרפובליקה היהודית של ישראל
Timeline: Confederation of States

OTL equivalent: British Mandate of the Palestine
Flag of Israel No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Israel

Hatikva (German, Hebrew, Arab)

Anthem "Hatikva"
Capital Jerusalem
Largest city Tel Aviv
German, Hebrew, Arab
  others Russian, Polish, Czech, English
Religion Jewish (89%), Muslim (6%), Christian (4%), Other (1%)
Ethnic Groups
  others White, Arab, Russian, Gypsy
Demonym Israeli
Government Republic
  legislature Israeli Parliament
Prime Minister
Established December 3, 1945
of the holocaust. Many of the Jews in Europe were moved to either America, England or other nations but the most requested was the newly formed Jewish Republic of Israel.

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