30 AD

Jesus Christ escapes execution following the decision of Pontius Pilate to secretly release him following poor evidence from Jewish religious groups. Jesus moves back to Nazareth, continuing his work as a carpenter where he becomes a prominent member of the synagogue teaching the Kingdom Of God. His disciples, disappointed by the lack of a messianic arrival, recount teachings into a book of basic secular teachings which becomes a part of Pharisee religious commentary. The Kingdom of God concept gets expanded into teaching of everyday life situations.

35 AD

Peter, a disciple of Jesus is killed in a small scale insurgency attack against the Roman authorities in Galilee. He is found stabbed to death along with a band of 20 Zealots.

40 AD

Simon joins the Essenes religious group where memories of Jesus get already present among the Pharisees spread rapidly,quickly becoming an accepted part of religious literature in the same vein as the Book Of Proverbs in being a book primarily composed of sayings. The sayings present in the Book Of The Nazrene revolve primarily around the concept of the Kingdom Of Heaven and encompasses parables. The sayings contain intricate references against Roman authorities in the form of rebukes.The sayings encompasses a theme of religious reformation which strongly emphasises a return to a Pure Judaism,entirely secular.

70 AD

Jesus dies a carpenter of natural causes in Nazareth. His teachings are prominent in obscure Jewish religious groups as well as the reforming Pharisees. He leaves behind a family, his son becomes a carpenter.

Later that year the temple is destroyed by the Romans. Essenses develop a a series of texts based on sayings of Jesus confirming him a latter day prophet in the same mold of Solomon.The text known simply as Yeshua becomes accepted among several other religious groups as canonical along with other books such as Proverbs and the Book of Job in a grouping of works known as Wisdom books.

The man of Jesus the Nazarene is hailed as a Prophet and the last true man of God until the coming of the Messiah fulfilling books of prophecy found in the sayings of Jeremiah and Isaiah. Roman authorities tend to ignore the sayings of Jesus and ignore any such claims he is a prophet. In Nazareth a tomb is built and stories quickly spread of the man Jesus having ascended to God's Kingdom on a ladder. The stories which are not true get inserted into the Book Of Yeshua.

75 AD

The religious fervour results in a series of books produced by supposedly New Prophets emphasising the Messiah as a person of true wisdom and expected to take the throne of the Roman Empire and to spread the word of God throughout the empire leading to the taking over of the world by Jewish ideas immediately bringing the reign of God on earth. These ideas become very prominent.

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