I know i am getting ahead of myself here, i should write the information chronologically. But screw that! I am indeed very interested in religion and i just had to write this.

Background and origin

In 0 AD the Levant was dominated by the Zoroastrian Armenian Empire and the Jewish Israel

Taking after their predecessors, the Persians, the the Armenian Kings were very religiously tolerant.

Jehoiakim IX, elected Prince of Israel, didn't care much for religion and believed that as long you pay your taxes you're free to believe whatever you want.

This allowed many philosophers and liberal theologists to spring up around the nations, the most famous and important of these were Yeshua, known to us as Jesus.

Jesus was born to the virgin Miryam and, as claimed by Jesuists, God.


There are two major different branches of Jesuism, Armenian and Egyptian.

The Armenian branch, also known as Kingdom of the All-ruling Lord, is the mainstream religion in the northern Levant and has followers from Cappadocia to Bactria.

The Egyptian branch, the official name being The Church of Saint Yohanna the Second Baptist, strongest in eastern Egypt and southern Canaan.


This community of Jesuists was founded and originally headed Jesus himself. The Head of the Church also called First Baptist is resident in Aleppo, the current one being Yeshua Avetis the Tall. Every saturday he holds a public service in the temple of Aleppo.

The biggest difference between to two variants is that in the Armenian there is a religious head and a centralized clergy where each individual Baptist is appointed by a superior, the First Baptist names a successor the moment he ascends to the position. The only requirement to become First Baptist is that you have to be able to prove that you are a descendant of Jesus.


Saint Yohanna the Second Baptist, known as John the Apostle in OTL, parted ways with Jesus during the second Exodus, he wound up in Egypt.

What makes this branch different is that you do not have to be appointed to become a Baptist, nor do you need an education, and both men and women can baptize.

The biggest difference is though, the baptizing is not a one time thing, most adherents are baptized weekly. If they live next to the Nile or another river a daily dip in the river is usual.

The emphasis is on Jesus as the savior of mankind, not the singularity of God, therefore the religion is often fused with the traditional Egyptian and Berber religions.

Shared Beliefs

Coming soon.

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