Jesse Helms
26th President of the Confederate States
In office:

February 22, 1988 - February 22, 1994

Preceded by: John Connally
Succeded by: Bill Clinton
Vice President of the Confederate States
In office:

February 22, 1982 - February 22, 1988

Preceded by: Lloyd Bentsen
Succeded by: Unknown
CS Senator from North Carolina
In office:

February 22, 1960 - February 22, 1982

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown

October 18 1921, Monroe, North Carolina

Died July 4 2008, Raleigh, North Carolina
Nationality: Confederate
Political party: Dixiecrat

Dorothy Helms

Children: Jane, Nancy, Charles
Alma mater:

Wingate University

Wake Forest College

Occupation: Lawyer, Politician
Religion: Southern Baptist

Jesse Helms was a Confederate politician who served as Vice President of the Confederate States (1982 - 1988) before becoming the 26th President of the Confederate States (1988 - 1994).

Known as a social and fiscal conservative, he earned a reputation as a political reactionary, and argued against the majority of the political and social reforms instituted by the Johnson and Carter administrations.

Early Life

Senate Career

1981 presidential election

Vice Presidency

1987 presidential election

Main Article: Confederate States presidential election, 1987


Post Presidency

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