Jerusalem Civic Party
Partio Cívica Jerusalemo
Leader Majid El-Amin
President Annie Lööf
Spokesperson Michael Ignatieff
Herb Kohl
Amjad Amirmoez
Founded August 11, 1991 (1991-08-11)
Headquarters Jerusalem
Newspaper Freedom Chronicle
Student/Youth wing Citizens Future
Ideology Social liberalism
Green liberalism
International affiliation Liberal International
Official colors Blue, orange, green
Senate seats 17%
House seats 25%

The Jerusalem Civic Party (Esperanto: Partio Cívica Jerusalemo) is a Jerusalemite political party, founded in 1991. The party is led by Majid El-Amin. Initially the party was known as the Agrarian Party (Partio Agragraj), until a name change took place in 1999 when El-Amin was elected leader.

The platform of the 2013 elections for the Civic Party is the creation of jobs and apprenticeships, a $400 tax cut for working people, increased funding for education, increased access to fast healthcare, reduced crime, a fair but firm immigration system, $450 pension rise, thousands of eco-friendly jobs and a more equal society.