The city of Jerusalem, important for all the three Abrahamitic religions, very often changed hands during the centuries.

Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich II had acquired the city without fight in 1229, but as in OTL, 1244 Jerusalem was conquered by sultan as-Salih of Egypt. This was expectable, since the city lacked the hinterland for a better defense. Only difference to OTL: He used Mamluk soldiers for the attack instead of hired Choresmians. The city was damaged less than IOTL.

1441, Palestine (including the Sinai) became part of the Seljuk empire.

Flag of France Colonial Empire of France (Chaos TL) Chain

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In the peace of Belgrad following the Third French-Seljuk War (1668-74), France took Palestine with Jerusalem, which angered many Muslims.

Soon, they'd get their revenge: During the anti-French War, in August 1687, the Siege of Jerusalem ended with the French capitulation. In the peace of Amsterdam, it fell back to the Rum-Seljuks.

In the fourth French-Seljuk War (1717-23), Jerusalem was left alone by the French.

1752-57, Persia fought the Seljuks; Syria and Palestine went to Persia.

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