In 1932 from the 18th May to the 21st May Charles Maurras President of France and Oswald Mosley Regent of the British Empire meet in Jersey to discuss the rise of nationalism and populism. During their 3 days talks they agree to the Jersey Pact:

  1. The stopping of all reparations to the former Central Powers although the UK had almost finished repaying.
  2. They scrap all restrictions on their military and both agree to an increase in the strength of their navies and reserve totals.
  3. To encourage and actively work to promote nationalism and their brand of politics throughout the world through covert and overt means.
  4. To defend one another in the event of an attack by the socialist powers.
  5. To create an industry capable of a prolonged war.
  6. The war plan Vengeance is created and used as a basis for a war with the socialist powers of Germany and Russia but not the US. An additional war plan providing if the US joins the war is made.

This is generally accepted as the start of the buildup to the Second World War and a major milestone if the rise of European nationalism and populism.

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