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Bailiwick of Jersey
Bailliage de Jersey; Bailliage dé Jèrri
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"
OTL equivalent: Jersey
Flag of Jersey.svg Jersey coa.svg
Island Home
Royal anthem: 
God Save the Queen
(and largest city)
Saint Helier
Official languages English, French
Regional Languages Jèrriais
Ethnic groups (2011) 46.4% Jersey

32.7% British 8.2% Portuguese 3.3% Polish 2.4% Irish 0.9% French 3.8% Other White 1.3% Asian 0.4% Black

0.7% Mixed
Government British Crown dependency
 -  Monarch (informally Duke) Elizabeth II
 -  Lieutenant Governor John McColl
 -  Bailiff William Bailhache
 -  Chief Minister Ian Gorst
 -  Administrative separation from mainland Normandy 1204 
 -  Liberation from Nazi Germany 9 May 1945 
 -  Total 20,779 118.2 km2 
8,022 sq mi 
 -  2014 estimate 100,080 
Drives on the Left
Jersey (Jèrriais: Jèrri), officially the Bailiwick of Jersey (French: Bailliage de Jersey; Jèrriais: Bailliage dé Jèrri), is a Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom. Created over 700 years ago, the Bailiwick comprises a number of islands in the English Channel which are in separate jurisdictions : Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.

The Baliwick is administered by the Bailiff, the civil head.

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