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The cabinet decides to hire an assassin to kill Jefferson Davis and luckily stumbles upon John Wilkes Booth, a popular actor of his day and a Confederate sympahizer, they tell him to kill Davis but he is appalled at the idea. They tell him of Jefferson's betrayal and how he is going to ruin the South and the Confederacy unless he gets rid off him. Now the actor understands and accept the task.

At 5:00 pm Jefferson's caridge stops at the South Dakota territory to rest up for tomorrow's meeting with the man most of he's people hate with all their heart and soul, including his assassin John Wilkes Booth. Booth has been following Davis for months now and at last has his big break. Booth enters and asks the clerk for Jefferson's room, receives it, thanks the clerk, walks up the stairs, finds Jefferson's room, knocks, and is let in. He says that he wants to see the president in his room, alone. Jefferson allows this and talks with Booth for a couple of minutes until Booth takes out his gun and says "Thus to tyrants!" Virginia's state motto while firing directly into Jefferson's chest instantly killing him. Booth then quickly escapes through the window of the murder scene and jumps into a caridge, which was waiting for him, and escapes to the South triumphly.

When Booth returns to the South he tells the cabinet that Jefferson Davis is dead and they all celebrate. Robert E. Lee famously said upon hearing this, "The South is no longer." He then resigned as general of the Confederacy and retired to Canada for fear of being hung for treason.

Now with Robert E. Lee out of the picture, the Union easily crushed Confederate armed and concurred various states including Tennessee, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia.

The Confederacy was dying and the cabinet knew it, so they decided that they must get a general, fast. Because if they didn't, they cause would be in vain. But the question is who, who should lead the Confederate army?

Created by Scotty Gaither

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