Jefferson Davis
Timeline: My Own Dixie

Portrait of Jefferson Davis

1st President of the Confederate States

Predecessor Office instituted
Successor John C. Breckinridge
Vice President Alexander Stephens
Born June 3, 1808
Christian County, Kentucky, USA
Died December 6, 1889
Spouse Sarah Knox
Varina Howell
Political Party None
Profession Soldier and Politician

Jefferson Finis Davis (June 3, 1808 - December 6, 1889) was an American politician who served as the first President of the Confederate States of America. Davis' military decision making guided the nation through the War of Southern Independence (the ATL's name for the American Civil War) and, even though some of his wartime decisions were unpopular, the Confederacy's eventual victory made him popular not only in his own time, but largely contributes to Davis' legacy as one of the most well-known and well-respected Confederate presidents.

Administration and Cabinet

The Davis Cabinet
President Jefferson Davis 1861–1868
Vice President Alexander Stephens 1861–1868
Secretary of State Robert Toombs 1861
Robert M.T. Hunter 1861-1862
Judah P. Benjamin 1862-1868
Secretary of the Treasury Christopher Memminger 1861–1864
George Trenholm 1864–1868
Secretary of War Leroy P. Walker 1861
Judah P. Benjamin1861-1862
George W. Randolph1862
James Seddon1862-1868
Attorney General Judah P. Benjamin1861
Thomas Bragg1861-1862
Thomas H. Watts1862-1863
George Davis1864-1868