Jeanine II Outhwaite the Pregnant of North America
Timeline: Zhou
Grandfather: Grandmother: Grandfather: Grandmother:
Hiram Fisher oo Cornelia Fisher Marin Crowne oo Queen Francette III
Father: Mother:
Vance Fisher oo Queen Rosine IV

Hiram Fisher m. Cornelia Fisher  Marin Crowne m. Queen Francette III
             |                                |
     Vance Fisher              m.      Queen Rosine IV
                               |                                                   |                                           |
Milton Wylde    m.     Queen Jeanine II Outhwaite the Pregnant of North America  Morgana          (1) Louie of Grise Fiord m. Maryanne
                |                                                                         (2) Léonard of Arctic Red River  |  
                |                                                                         (3) Darnell of Manitoba          |    
                |                                                                         (4) Alfred of Bonn               |
    ____________|_______________________________________________________________                                           |
   |         |      |       |       |      |        |        |      |      |    |                                          |
Minerva  Carver  Carole  Thomas  Mayme  Belinda  Aureole  Alison  Renie  Clem  Kodey                                       | 
                           |                                    |       |
Franklin of Alert m. Dodie La Marquise   (1) Łukasz of Koln m. Chyna  Warner m. Staci of Holman  
                                         (2) Karel of Berlin
                                         (3) Lionel of Eureka

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