The flag of Jayo, better known as Henyer

The flag of Jayo

The first flag of the band of tribes living in the Pyrenees was created during the reign of someone called Jayo, seeing as these tribes changed their name to be the same as the name of their current leader. Eventually, they stopped changing their name though. Their flag has a purple background (the purple is now known as Jayo purple and is their national color), which possibly refers to mystics, or simply to a nice evening sky. The grey thing probably is a mountain, seeing as the Jayo lived on the Pyrenees. It is unknown what the darker purple, star-like thingy is. Some say that the mountain is in fact a road, leading to civilization, a light, or things like that. And some say the mountain is in fact, a mountain with civilization (or a light, et cetera) on top, which would be the Jayo. However, it is unknown why that 'star' is displayed in all four corners, only then turned around a bit.

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