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Currently living in Cairns, Qld, ANZC... Jay leno is a famous stand up comedian. He also works on cars in his spare time and runs a popular car museum as well.
293 leno jay 052407

Jay leno in 2001


On Doomsday Jay Leno was in Burbank, California trying to break into the stand up business. Luckily, Burbank was not hit and he survived. Having been suddenly cut off from the outside world, he spent much of that year wondering if his parents had survived.

Depression and near suicide!:

Soon after the blasts, Jay fell into a state of deep depression because he believed that his parents were most likely dead or would never see them again. He eventually came to the point where he was contemplating taking his own life. However, at the last minute he decided not to because of the sole fact that his parents may indeed be alive after all and ALSO because of his strong catholic upbringing.

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