Official languages Javanese, Madurese, Sundanese, Nusantara Malay
Capital Bergota (OTL Semarang)
Largest Cities Sunda Kelapa
Population 19,794,000
HDI 0.782 (Medium)
Establishment Republic formed in 1946
Currency Javan Rupiah (JVR)
Our Timeline Equivalent Java, Madura, and some smaller surrounding islands of Indonesia

Java is a republic located in the western portion of Macronesia, referred to as "Nusantara". This thus also situates it in insular Southeast Asia. Java has been home to major Hindu and Muslim kingdoms for hundreds of years. In the 1700s, it came under the influence, and later the imperialism of Netherland, though various parts had formerly been claimed by the Portuguese. After over 200 years of Netherish influence, Java gained independence in 1946.

Java has three main ethnic groups: The Javanese, the Sundanese, and the Madurese. Together, all citizens are referred to as "Javans". The Sundanese are predominantly Muslim, while the Javanese and Madurese are largely Hindu. The forms these religions take in Java and much of Nusantara vary widely from the forms in their homelands. (See the "Religions" section below.)



68% Vegetarian
32% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

59% Javanese
25% Sundanese
06% Madurese
03% Chinese
02% Indian
05% others (Malays, etc)


Java's main religions are Hinduism and Islam, both of which widely diverge from their homeland varieties. The ancestor to "Nusantara Hinduism" did not have any strong links with vegetarian, and as such was not identified as Hinduism, but as a local religion. However, since Netherish rule began, Nusantara Hinduism was developed as a way to connect to Hinduism, and now, although different in character from any Hinduism in India, its strong vegetarian ideals now have let it be accepted as a strain of Hinduism. "Nusantara Islam", found in differing varieties from Malaya and Brunei to Minangkabau and Makassar-Bugis, is the major strain of Islam in these lands. It is a very progressive strain of Islam, which, like Hinduism, preaches vegetarianism. It is thought to have evolved because the mix of religions in the area made it prudent to breed exceptional tolerance between the religions. A smaller minority of people profess Buddhism, Catharism, Christianity, and local religions.

38% Hindu ("Nusantara Hinduism" predominant)
35% Muslim ("Nusantara Islam" predominant)
10% Non-religious
06% atheist
04% agnostic
09% Buddhist (mostly Mayayana)
03% Cathar
02% Christian
02% local religions
01% others


61% Javanese
22% Sundanese
07% Nusantara Malay
05% Madurese
05% others

Note: Nusantara Malay (or, inter-island Malay) is often used as a medium of communication not only between different ethnic groups in Java, but between different ethnic groups over most of the Malay Archipelago, also called "Nusantara".

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