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The premise of this timeline is: What if humanity had developed on a tilted Earth, more specifically, on Jaredia from World Dream Bank?

The features of Jaredia: The North Pole now is in Africa, which is mostly covered by an ice cap bigger than OTL Antarctica, so the sea level is 40 meters lower - which means that Java-Sumatra, Britain, Ceylon and Sakhalin-Japan become Eurasian capes, there's a land bridge between New Guinea and Australia, and most important: Asia and the Americas are also connected! This creates a long strip of land with similar climate all around the Pacific - which means, if Jared Diamond's theories are right, that domesticable plants and animals can spread easily along the west-east directions. Note: Other than some other worlds from World Dream Bank, the climate isn't completely stable - Ice Ages are possible.

One premise: Although it won't make sense at all, I'll use place names and peoples' names and common names for persons from OTL. So there'll be crypto-Chinese developing in China, crypto-Spaniards in Spain, and so on. Later in history, that is, because I'll start with the development of humanity, 5 million years in the past. (This doesn't mean that anything but their names will be similar as OTL! Their culture, technology and even look will be completely different - there could be black Vietnamese ITTL, for example.)

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