Japik van Wieren

van Wieren in Esbjerg (2012)

President of Frisia
18 March 2012 – Incumbent

Predecessor Fedde Rijnder
Successor Incumbent
Born 6 July 1954
Spouse Wobbe Dijkstra
Political Party Green Conservative Party
Religion Protestantism

Japik Meine van Wieren (born 6 July 1954 as Japik Meine Ahmed) is the President of the Frisian Federation and the Frisian Realm. He also holds the title of Chancellor of the Royal Court of the Frisian Realm, Co-Prince of Elsevia, Leader of the Green Conservative Party and Premier of Enschede. He serves under Osnoth II.

After leaving college with with his education focused on Journalism and Economics, Van Wieren studied at Rockefeller University in the United States and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with an emphasis on journalism in 1977 and then went on to study Philosophy at Utrecht University back in Frisia. He then joined the Green Conservative Research Department and became Special Adviser to Abe Bootsma, and then to Siet de Vries. He was Director of Journalism at Chellomedia for seven years.

He was defeated in his first bid to enter the Denkern as Premier of Lelystad in 1987, but was elected in 1991 as the Premier of the city of Enschede. He was promoted to the opposition front bench three years later, and rose to become Head of Policy Coordination during the 2000 general election campaign. He entered the party leadership election in 2003 which he lost to Wiebke Annema. When Annema retired in 2009, van Wieren entered candidacy again and was elected Leader of the Green Conservative Party.

In the 2012 general election held on 18 March, the Green Conservatives won the majority of the votes. The 58-year-old van Wieren became the first President of Frisia of Asian descent and his government is also the first since 1998 not to be a coalition in Frisia.


Japik van Wieren was born in Dordrecht as Japik Ahmed, the second of two children of Minhajur Ahmed, a former member of the Iraqi Air Force who later moved to Frisia to attend the University of Rotterdam, and Lys Laninga, a Protestant priest. Japik is directly descended from the highly-esteemed Islamic preacher Abd al-Qadir al-Gilani.

His older sister Bet Ahmed died of tubercolosis when Japik Ahmed was only three years older, which caused so much upset in the family household it caused their parents to split up. Laninga remarried to Tjaard van Wieren four years later and Japik Ahmed changed his name to Japik van Wieren when he was 18.

In 2001 van Wieren married Wobbe Dijkstra, a Psychology teacher at Hardorp Sixth Form College.