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Japanese general election, 1947 (Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum)

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General elections were held in Japan on 7 March 1947, the first after World War II and after the adoption of new election law in 1946, electing the members of National Congress. The result was a victory for the Nationalist Party, which won 323 out of 453 available seats, defeated other "legal parties". Voter turnout was 67.9%


Japanese parliamentary seat compositions, 1947

Seat compositions of the National Congress of Japan, 1948-1952

Party Votes % Seats
Nationalist Party19,509,52871.3323
Constitutional Party2,416,0418.840
Social Democratic Party1,630,8276.027
National Buddhist Association1,268,4214.621
Christian People's Party724,8122.612
Invalid/blank votes435,180 - -

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