In 1949, Not long after WW2, the Japanese Resistance Force (JRF) was formed. Under Hiyoshi Bando, the Force worked underground and had a small militia. The JRF's goal was to end US occupation of Japan and for Japan to become independent and free of US occupation and terms. The JRF wanted to make the unconditional surrender of 1945 a myth. The JRF suprisingly had little support from the Japanese population and only Strong Nationalists would join. The JRF was against the restoration of the Japanese Empire, and wanted a Japanese Socialist Republic. This is why the JRF didn't get many supporters, the majority of Japanese Nationalists supported an Empire.

In the late 1950s the popularity of the JRF grew as the Japanese were getting restless of US occupation. When the USSR invaded Japan in 1958, the JRF was against them  because despite being Socialist, they were against Communism. When the USSR occupied Japan the JRF ceased to exist. Hiyoshi Bando is still alive in Japan today, currently residing in Wakayama.

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