Japanese Invasion of Vichy French Indochina
Date 13 September 1942 - 22 November 1944
Location Vichy French Indochina
Result Imperial Japanese victory; Indochina falling under control of Japan and People's Republic of China
Empire of Japan
People's Republic of China
Empire of Germany
Vichy France
Singapore 3rd Army
Hong Kong Regiment
Maritime Asia Batallion
Viet Minh
Other Anti-French Vietnamese Groups
Empire of Japan:
576,889 soldiers
5,000 tanks
500 artillery pieces
770 airplanes
People's Republic of China:
20,000 soldiers
Other groups:
Empire of Germany:
7,000 soldiers
20 tanks
33 artillery pieces
200 planes
Vichy France:
17,000 soldiers
12 tanks
295,776 soldiers and volunteers
Casualties and losses
Empire of Japan:
30,000 soldier KIA or WIA
500 MIA
3,477 tanks
250 artillery pieces
430 planes
1200 POW
People's Republic of China:
8,000 soldiers KIA and WIA
500 POW
Empire of Germany:
3400 soldiers KIA or WIA
700 MIA or POW
Vichy France:
5000 soldiers KIA or WIA
2700 POW or MIA
most artillery was destroyed
Indochina:Unknown; speculated at around 100,000+

The Japanese Invasion of Vichy French Indochina was an armed conflict that took place between 13 September 1942 to 22 November 1944. It was fought between the Sino-Japanese Alliance and the Vichy French Indochina. The Empire of Japan, alongside the People's Republic of China won.

Causes of War

In the 1940s, the Empire of Japan and People's Republic of China were the regional hegemons of East and Southeast Asia. But European powers threatened their power as the USDR (formerly the USSR) borders them to the north, and French Indochina, a colony of France borders them to the south. In fear of invasion by European powers, Japan, aided by China launched the full-scale invasion of Indochina to remove European influence on the region. 

Battle of Hanoi and Operation: Naginata

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