Japanese Expansion War
Part of World War II
Date July 1937 - Ongoing (Sino-Japanese war)

June 1939 - Ongoing (Japanese-Australian war)

Location Asia, Oceania
Status Ongoing
Flag of Japan Japan Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China

Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Flag of Portugal Portugal

The Japanese Expansion War is an extension war of the Sino-Japanese War between Japan and several members of the Allied Powers.


The war finds its origins in the Sino-Japanese war, with the war between Japan and the Republic of China still going on. Citing territorial expansion, Japan declared war upon Australia, upon which the United Kingdom started to send aid to Australia against Japan.

The War

With Japan at war with multiple nations, the Republic of China manages to push back Japan, which is in turn fighting against Australia, whom they recently declared war upon.

Japan recently pushed on to the Australian city of Sydney, where Australian forces are preparing for the Japanese assault, while Chinese forces are all the more pushing back the Japanese forces out of China.

In the second week of July, 1939, the US began their campaign in the Pacific, by sending two fleets accompanied by four aircraft carriers, with a total of two million troops expected to be deployed in the Pacific.

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