Japanese Empire
Timeline: Fatherlands
Naval Ensign of Japan Imperial Seal of Japan
Flag Coat of Arms
600px-Japanese empire
Green: Great Japanese Empire Lime: Japanese colonies/mandates Light lime: Japan's Puppet states and occupied territories during WWII

八紘一宇 (Japanese)
("All the World under one Roof")

Anthem "君が代"
(and largest city)
Language Japanese
Religion State Shinto
Ethnic Group Japanese
Government Absolute Monarchy
  legislature single-party state
Emperor Emperor Meiji (First),Emperor Shōwa (Last)
Prime Minister Itō Hirobumi (First),Shigeru Yoshida (Last)
Established 1868
Annexation to Japan under allies control,China (recover Taiwan), Administration of the Ryukyu Islands, United Nations Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Korea
  date 1946
Currency Japanese yen, Korean yen, Taiwanese yen, Japanese military yen
Organizations Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

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