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The Emperor, knowing that his nation wouldn't beat the US, let alone China, by itself. He declared that Japan was now the People's Republic of Japan, and soon began nationalizing all the industries in the nation. Soon, Soviet weapons were in the hands of Japanese Soldiers, and Soviet Oil was now powering Japan's Navy. T-26s were being used to defeat China, and Japan finally made progress again in China. The Allies declared war on Japan, and began attacking Japanese islands in the Pacific. The superior navies of the US and UK allowed for the Allies to make strong progress. The Soviets and Japanese could never match the navies of the West, but they can defeat them on land. But if they don't fight back in the Pacific, the Allies might take out the Soviet's new ally.

The Communists continue on land!

The Communists turn their focus on the sea

Made by: TacoCopper

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