Japan Railways Group (JRグループ) is a huge railway company in Japan, and is subdivided into 14 for-profit companies.


JR Sub-companies

JR is divided into 14 operating companies and two other companies that do not provide rail service:

  • JR logo (hokkaido) Hokkaidō Railway Company
  • JR logo (east) East Japan Railway Company
  • JR logo (central) Central Japan Railway Company
  • JR logo (west) West Japan Railway Company
  • JR logo (shikoku) Shikoku Railway Company
  • JR logo (kyushu) Kyūshū Railway Company
  • Taiwan Railway Company
  • Far East Railway Company
  • Mindanao Railway Company
  • Luzon Railway Company
  • East Guinea Railway Company
  • West Guinea Railway Company
  • Visayas Railway Group
  • JR logo (freight) Japan Freight Railway Company (Freight)
  • JR logo RTRI Railway Technical Research Institute (Research organisation)
  • JR logo systems Railway Information Systems (IT services)
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