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Japan is a republic consisting of the japanese islands and the korean peninsula.




The japanese population is very young compared with that of other nations. The country had a baby boom (1977 - 1997), with the population tripling. Consequently over 78% of the population are under 30.

1937 68,500,000
1947 45,000,000
1957 43,563,000
1967 41,708,000
1977 44,301,667
1982 62,593,400
1987 69,924,000
1992 85,344,712
1997 97,651,883
2002 99,014,700
2007 102,161,200
2012 104,454,300

In 2007 the japanese government added cosmetic surgery to the national health service, allowing free plastic surgery for all. It is estimated that over 70% (almost 100% of 18-35 yearolds) have had at least one surgery, mainly eyelid reductions and breast implants.


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