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Empire of Japan
Timeline: Sundered Veil
SV-JapanFlag SV-JapanCOA
Flag of Japan Imperial Seal
Location of Japan
Capital Kyoto
Largest city Kyoto
Other cities Osaka, Edo
Language Japanese
Demonym Japanese
Population 273,017,724 (2012 Census) 
Currency Yen

The Empire of Japan is a sovereign state ecompassing the Japanese Archipelago and territories along the coast of eastern Asia. It borders the Dragon Empire to the west, the Russian Empire to the north, and across the Luzon Strait from Takasago Province lies the Imperial Dominion of Kagayanu.


Government and Politics

Administrative Divisions

The Empire of Japan is divided into 15 Provinces, each further subdivided into Prefectures.

Province Capital Population
Takasago Taihoku 23,340,136

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Nansei Naha 1,379,338
Saikaidō Shimabara 14,596,977
Chūgoku Hiroshima 11,561,899
Iyoshima Takamatsu 4,977,205
Kyoshima Osaka 42,755,030
Hokurikudō Fukui 16,671,280
Tōkaidō Edo 33,575,873
Michinoku Aomori 12,335,088
Ezochi Sapporo 6,507,456
Ezokita Kitajōriku 2,495,673
Karafuto Toyohara 2,580,372
Kokuryūkoku Kikaiwan 24,564,497
Manshū Botankou 16,405,000
Chōsen Keijo 69,271,900


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