Japan in a small island nation in East Asia where the foundation of a Japanese civilization could be dated at least from the year 710 where the first capital was established in Nara. During the same period, the title emperor was introduced but in reality, he holds little power as the Japaneses were divided into clan or family which were holding the real power. In the 10e century, the emperor decides to end the de-centralization process by slowly taking more power from the nobility.


The Japanese are living in structured society where the emperor and the nobility court is the highest and several social classes are following. The Samourai and Bushi from the military class are well seen by the society. Most of the population is part of the lower class, making them farmers and peasants who are led by the officials. 


The Japanese military is virtually inconsistent and no national army exists. However, the emperor has recently created a small army of six hundred troops taken from many Japanese families by offering them money like a mercenary force who are not very effective for the moment. The actual force that the emperor count on is currently the nobilities armies who were promise advantage if they prove themselves useful. No real navy for warfare exist due to the isolation policy of Japan. 

However, everything change after the Japanese civil war between the emperor force and several rebellious clan who ultimately go in favor of the emperor force who absorb most of the rebellious clans forces after the conflict who gain a lot of experience after four year of fighting. The emperor is the ultimate leader while the governors have some control on their force, everyone can join the auxilliary forces.


Most of the population associated itself to the Shinto religion and have Buddhism practice. 

Diplomatic relation

​China: good

Shoowoo empire: neutral

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