State of Japan
Timeline: Dawn of War (Map Game)
Flag of Japan
Location of Japan (Dawn of War Map Game)
(and largest city)
Language Japanese
Religion Shintō, Buddhism
Prime Minister

The State of Japan is an island country in East Asia.


In 1948, Japan passed two laws: one that bans nationalist and far-right parties; and the another law is passed stating that any Japanese denying any war crimes will result in a big fine and a jail sentence.

Later in 1950, Japan passed a new law that bans the use of whitewashing of any kind, especially in history textbooks. Any book that contains any sympathy to Japanese imperialism are outright banned; and the writer heavily fined, arrested, and sent to jail for five years; and the publisher is also heavily fined with legal actions taken against them. Hate speech is also outright banned and prohibited; and anyone caught speaking out in a hateful manner are fined and also sent to jail. Later that year, Anti-discrimination laws were passed that protects any non-Japanese from discrimination; and that anyone found discriminating against non-Japanese will be heavily fined and face some jail time. In another law, women were given equal rights.

In 1951, Japan voted on a new flag design, called the Miyaginohagi, and made it the new official flag of Japan; replacing the old one.

In 1968, new ancient ruins were found by Japanese Archaeologists in northern Honshu, and an investigation was launched to study the new artefacts.

Government and Politics

The current active major political parities that are represented in the House of Councillors and the House of Representatives are (as of 1965):

Prime Ministers

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