Japan is a large country in East Asia. Mainland Japan is an Archipelago of islands but has land in most of East Asia. It is part of the Allied powers and has its best alliance with Australia. Japan is a Communist nation.
Japanese Socialist Republic
Timeline: 1941-
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

One nation, one people (Japanese)

Anthem "The red republic"
Capital Tokyo
Largest city Tokyo
  others Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese
  others Agnostic, Shinto
Legislature board of officials
President Akiako
  Royal house: The House of the leader
  per capita {{{gdp_capita}}}
Currency The Yen
Time Zone Japanese

It is governed by President Akiako and the Board of Officials, which is made up of 16 people. Japan was once aligned with the Axis until they were betrayed. As of now they are working on a nuclear bomb.
Japan AVARB 2


Japan is set up like the USSR. Their provinces each have their own governor that reports to the board of officials. They are the Vietnamese SR, Siam SR, Bhutan SR, Nepal SR. Taiwan SR, Manchuria SR, Beijing SR, Shanghai SR, South China SR., And the Peoples Socialist Republic of China SR.
Better Japanese flag

Japanese flag

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