Republic of Japan
Timeline: Apocalypse: 2012

OTL equivalent: Japan
Flag of Japan Japanese Republic CoA (Apocalypse 2012)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Japan (Apocalypse 2012)
Location in blue
(and largest city)
Toyama City
Other cities Sapporo, Sendai, Kōchi
Language Japanese
Religion Shintō, Buddhism
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy
President Masashi Mori
Prime Minister Masaki Takahashi
Established 2013年1月1日
Currency Japanese yen
Internet TLD .jp

The Republic of Japan (日本共和国 Nihon Kyōwakoku) is a nation in East Asia.


Since the Second World War, Japan adopted a new constitution bringing liberal democratic practices into place. Later, Japan experienced an economic growth, but suffered major recession in the 1990s before recovering again.

Japan had been the world's second largest economy until it was surpassed by China in 2010.

Also since the Second World War, Japan has had sometimes tense issues with the Soviet Union and later, Russia, over the disputed Southern Chishima/Kuril islands. Japan also had issues with China over the Senkaku Islands as well.

Japan was targeted by Russia during the nuclear war on 21/12/2012 for mainly because it was a US ally. The places targeted by Russia were:

  • Iwakuni
  • Kadena Air Base
  • Misawa City
  • Osaka
  • Sasebo
  • Tokyo (hit thrice)

Now currently, Japan is in a energy and food crisis, and the new government is trying their best to stabilise. Though eventually, Japan may possibly fracture into a few nations.


Japan was previously a Unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Ever since the loss of the Royal Family in the nuclear blasts, Japan has since turned into a Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic. It was officially changed as such on the beginning of 2013.

The Parliament Structure has not changed much, other than the addition of a President spot and the removal of the monarch.

The main political parties currently are:

  • Liberal Democratic Party (自由民主党 Jiyū Minshu-tō)
  • Democratic Party of Japan (民主党 Minshu-tō)
  • Japan Restoration Party (日本維新の会 Nippon Ishin no Kai)
  • New Komeito (公明党 Kōmeitō)




Japan was well known for its automotive (ie Mazda), games (ie Nintendo, Touhou Project), major transportation systems (JR Group), anime and manga.

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