Jammu & Kashmir
جموں و کشمیر
— State of Hindustan
Timeline: Mughal Glory
Flag of Jammu & Kashmir
Capital Jammu (winter), Srinagar (summer)
Largest city Jammu
Other cities Srinagar, Leh
Dogri, Kashmiri, Hindustani
  others Tibetan, Punjabi, Ladakhi
Islam, Hinduism
  others Sikhism
Ethnic groups
Dogra, Kashmiri
  others Punjabi
Demonym Jammuwalla, Kashmiri, or Ladakhi, depending on which region subject comes from
Maharaja Omar Abdullah
Area 222,236 
Population 20 million 
Established 1947
Time zone HiST

Jammu and Kashmir, also known as J&K, is the northernmost state of Hindustan. This state is often torn apart by conflicts between Hindu Jammu and Muslim Kashmir. This state has almost had Jammu join Punjab several times. The Mahapunjab Party and the J&K Unity Party often come into conflict in Jammu.

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