Jamie Foxworth is an American politician of English descent. He was born in Seattle on 18 July 1940. He is a former soccer player, playing in Europe for Feyenoord Rotterdam, Benfica, Liverpool, Leicester City and Fiorentina. After his soccer career, he returned to the USA and entered politics. He is currently registered with the Republican party.

Early Life

Jamie Foxworth was born on the 18th of July 1940 in Seattle. His parents were Anthony Foxworth and Catherine Preston, both English immigrants. From a young age Foxworth was a football fan and a football player, although there were very little resources availaible in his area. When he was 14 he went to England with his parents. While there he sneaked onto the Leicester City training grounds, asking to be allowed to train with them. When he was declined, he went ahead and sneaked on the field anyway. He trained with them, but went back to the US. 3 years later, he went to England again, yet again trained with Leicester City and this time was offered a youth contract. Foxworth stayed in Leicester.

Career as a football player

Foxworth made his debut as a Leicester City player when he was 21 years old. 

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