James V of Scotland
Timeline: Tudor line

James V of Scotland2
Portrait of James V of Scotland

King of Scotland
9 September 1513 – 19 January 1533

Predecessor James IV
Successor Robert IV
Born 10 April 1512
Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgowshire
Died 19 January 1533
Edinburgh, Scotland
Queen Charlotte of France
James V of Scotland was born on 10 April 1512 to James IV and Margaret Tudor and soon became king of Scotland when his father died in 1513. Scotland then went into regency and his mother then married Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus. That later turned out to be a disaster. In 1525, Margaret proclaimed him an adult and ended the regency. Archibald stepped in and made himself the king's protector and started to take over. In 1533, Archibald began planning a takeover. At that time Archibald was the Scottish chancellor who arranged an offer of marriage to Princess Charlotte of France, James accepted and soon Charlotte was pregnant. Their son Robert was born right after Archibald poisoned James. Unaware of this, he originally tried to take over the throne. With this, little Archibald brought Scotland to civil war, which eventually caused him his life at the hands of James' cousin Henry IX (Prince of Wales at the time) and his poison.