James Stockdale
Timeline: Perot's Victory

Portrait of James Stockdale

45th Vice President of the United States
1993 – 1997

Predecessor Dan Quayle
Successor Pat Choate
Born December 23, 1923
Abingdon, Illinois
Died July 5, 2005
Coronado, California
Political Party Independent
Profession Vice Admiral
James Stockdale was the 45th Vice President of the United States of America, and a highly decorated military officer. He was famous due to his military expertise prior to being chosen as Perot's running mate. Stockdale initially did not want to run, and wished to serve only as a placeholder candidate. However, once the election was won, he chose to stay as VP for a single term, refusing to run for another. While Vice President, he was noted for greatly decreasing the VP role closer to the terms outlined in the Constitution (his successor Pat Choate would be a more normal modern Vice President). Stockdale retired totally from public life after he left office, and died in 2005.