James Monroe
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James Monroe
Portrait of James Monroe

5th President of the United States of America
1821 – 1825

Predecessor Rufus King
Successor Richard Stockton
Born April 28, 1758
Virginia, British America
Died July 4, 1831
New York City, US
Spouse Elizabeth Kortright
Political Party Democratic Party
Religion Episcopalian
Profession Lawyer, Planter
James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States, serving from 1821 to 1825. He was the only Democratic president of the era, surrounded by Federalists for several years prior and after his administration. He ran unopposed, the first President to do so, since Rufus King retired and no able Federalist could take his place, and therefore was essentially elected unanimously. His main agenda as President was to return power to the states, rather than the central government, which he did not make a significant amount of progress on during his time as President due to the Federalist control of Congress, but set the Democrats up to overtake the Federalists later on since his message appealed to many Americans at the time.