James Longstreet
6th President of the Confederate States
In office:

February 22, 1880 - February 22, 1886

Preceded by: Isham G. Harris
Succeded by: John Tyler Morgan
Governor of Georgia
In office:

November 5, 1875 - February 22, 1880

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown
General in Chief of the Confederate States Army
In office:

January 1, 1899 - December 31, 1900

Preceded by: Robert E. Lee
Succeded by: Unknown

January 8 1821, Edgefield District, South Carolina

Died January 2 1904, Gainesville, Georgia

American (1821 - 1861)

Confederate (1861 - 1904)

Political party: Whig (1874 - 1904)

Maria Louisa Garland (1848 - 1889)

Helen Dortch Longstreet (1897 - 1904)

Children: 10
Alma mater:

United States Military Academy

Occupation: Soldier, Buisnessman, Politician
Religion: Roman Catholic

James Longstreet was a confederate soldier and politician who served as the 6th President of the Confederate States (1880 - 1886).

Along with Robert E. Lee he was one of the founders of the Whig Party.

Whilst in office he pursued the policies of incentivised manumission first considered by the Lee administration, with the number of slaves being held in the Confederacy halved during his administration.