James Longstreet
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Portrait of James Longstreet

5th President of the Confederate States

Predecessor Judah P. Benjamin
Successor Benjamin Tillman
Vice President
None (1885-1886)
Augustus Hill Garland (1886-1892)

4th Vice President of the Confederate States

Predecessor Judah P. Benjamin

5th Confederate States Secretary of State

Predecessor Robert Toombs

Confederate States Senator from Alabama

Predecessor Robert Jemison, Jr.
Born January 8, 1821
Edgefield District, South Carolina, USA
Died January 2, 1904
Political Party Whig
Profession Military Officer and Politician

James Longstreet (January 8, 1821 - January 2, 1904) was the 5th President of the Confederate States of America. Longstreet has the distinction of being the only Confederate President to serve for more than one term after the Supreme Court ruled that his time spent as President following the death of President Benjamin was not a full term, therefore, making it constitutional for him to seek election himself in 1885.

The Longstreet administration is best characterized as a time of modernization and industrialization, including rapid growth in the number of factories and railroads, in the years following the War of Secession and the Mexican-Confederate War. Although most of the policies that Longstreet pursued were begun during the Lee and Benjamin administrations, the success of these policies witnessed during his administration along with his own personal crusade to end slavery have been praised by most historians. Longstreet is consistently ranked by scholars as one of the Confederacy's greatest Presidents.