James G. Blaine

James Blaine
Portrait of James G. Blaine

President of the United States
March 4, 1885 – March 4, 1889

Predecessor Samuel Tilden
Successor Grover Cleveland
Born January 31, 1830
West Brownsville, Pennsylvania, US
Died January 27, 1893
Washington DC, US
Spouse Harriet Stanwood Blaine
Political Party Republican
Religion Congregationalist

James G. Blaine was President of the United States and an American politician.

Blaine became one of the most important figures in the Republican party, and stayed loyal following the party's near destruction following the disaster of the Confederate War of Independence. Becoming the leading member of the Republicans while the Democrats dominated, he traveled around the nation, convincing the public that the Democrats were weak and there was still time to defeat the Confederacy. In the 1884 presidential election, Blaine won the presidency and the Republics won Congress. Blaine immediately began preparing the nation for war, and tensions over the Oregon territory and border clashes resulted in the War of 1885.

The Confederates held off the American advance, with the British Navy blockading American ports and even shelling Boston. The Canadians and Californians joined the war as well, and with Quebec only offering limited support, the Confederates were gaining the advantage. With enemy armies threatening all sides of the nation, Blaine was forced to ask for a ceasefire. The American public felt humiliated, and Blaine was dumped out of the office come the next election. The Republican Party soon splintered into factions and disbanded.