James Donald Bryant (October 2, 1901-November 23, 1955) was an English soldier, politician and guerrilla leader during the English Anarchy. Bryant was the head of the EWA North group from 1953 until his death in the Siege of York in November 1955, and from late 1954 onwards he was the de facto leader of the entire EWA. Bryant was the mastermind of the disastrous October Offensive that was launched on October 5th, 1955 by the EWA that resulted in 85,000 of its members dead over the course of a month and a half and resulted in the most rapid loss of territory by the EWA in the Anarchy, and his leadership at the Siege of York resulted in the Allied victory after eleven days of fighting in and around the city. Bryant is often credited with being, "the man who lost the Anarchy" and his death after the Siege of York is regarded as not only a triumphant moment for the English Republic, but also a dark reminder of the nature of the war.

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