Harold James Edward Boren (15 August 1923 - 9 December 2009) was an English politician and liberal activist influential in the formation of the Labour Party in the post-Anarchy Republic and was a passionate and highly-regarded Leader of the Opposition during the Minor Ministry in the 1970's. Regarded as one of the left-wing firebrands in his party, he was often successfully portrayed as a "Second Wave Socialist" or "New Socialist" by the Conservatives and lost both general elections in which he stood as Party Leader against Minor. He eventually retired after his second election failed and handed off the reigns to the more centrist Andrew Brantle, but remained in Parliament until 1984, the year he was defeated in his first election, and was unable to regain a seat in 1987, 1990 and 1993.

Until his sudden death of a heart attack in 2009, Boren remained an influential figure on the left and was a strong critic of the "New Labour" ideology of leaders such as John Lennon or Jack Davenport.

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